Learning at Quainton

At Quainton, we all consider ourselves as learners; we enjoy learning and welcome new challenges. Teachers meet regularly to discuss our approach to teaching and learning and to share examples of good practice.  Each lesson will provide children with opportunities to learn in different ways: visually, aurally and kinesthetically. Furthermore, children will explore different types of intelligence through our broad curriculum.

 Learners often use an enquiry approach, which is designed to enable lifelong learning, whilst other sessions will involve more direct teaching. Children in Reception initiate much of their own learning with more adult initiated activities experienced as the child grows older. Success criteria, often generated by the children, allow learners to identify what they need to do to succeed and how to further improve through the process of evaluation.  Constructive feedback is valued and continuous improvement is seen as an essential part of the learning process - we encourage a ‘Growth Mindset’ at Quainton which emphasizes the need to be the best that we can be.

All children are expected to contribute to their own learning and that of others.  All lessons will provide opportunities for children to reflect on their learning, discuss this with others and comments on each others progress. Children are often involved in the planning of lessons, particularly in our Creative Curriculum. This gives them a sense of ownership and also develops their sense of responsibility and commitment.

Our Commitment

The quality of teaching and learning is judged regularly through enquiry walks, book audits, pupil interviews and formal lesson observations. Staff meet weekly to review teaching and learning and to share best practice; professional development is highly valued at Quainton.