The Governors

Quainton’s Governing Body (GB)

Our role is to enable and support the school in raising standards through:

Strategic decision-making
Governors are highly active in the life of the school, and work closely with the Senior Leadership Team in an atmosphere of strong mutual respect to ensure the best outcomes for the children.

The GB takes responsibility for the effects of its decisions. It is fully compliant with statutory requirements and has highly robust systems in place for evaluating the effectiveness of its input, and for acting on its findings.

Providing a balance of challenge and support
The Governors bring their own professional expertise to assist the Headteacher, and to focus on the key area of teaching and learning across the school.  Governors are aware of and seek actively to promote, the broader aims of the school, to the benefit of the whole child.

The Governors can be contacted via the school office.

Our Governors

Staff Governors
Krys Kuzminska
Karen Howard

Chair of Governors
Katie Smith (Teaching and learning and EYFS)

Vice Chair
Anna Campbell (Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee, pupil premium and SEN)

Other Governors
Erskine Smart (Vice chair finance committee,sports, equality and development)
Elaine Kirkpatrick-Brown (Chair of finance committee, teaching and learning and health and safety)
Reverend Steve Flashman
Deborah Hoadly (Safeguarding and data protection)