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Our Teaching & Learning Philosophy

Every child is different and individuals are intelligent in different ways. We know this. Our expectation is that every child will develop their many ‘intelligences’ so that they grow into a rounded young person with positive dispositions towards learning, being confident to face change, resilient and able to make a positive contribution to their community.

We understand that children begin from different starting points and will leave us having attained different levels.  It is every child’s right to make continual progress throughout their primary schooling and we strive to provide personalised learning so that our children reach their potential.

Whilst our curriculum is broad we strongly believe that the core skills of Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing and Numeracy are fundamental to successful learning in all areas of the curriculum. Mastery of these skills promotes confidence in individuals and enables them to become independent learners and to share their learning effectively with others.

Regular assessment of learning informs us of our next steps in learning. We therefore use assessment as a learning tool. We believe that the desire to continually improve is core to successful lifelong learning. Time is allocated each day for each child to review an aspect of their learning, discuss their progress and to take steps to move their learning forwards.