Our Teaching & Learning Philosophy

All children are individuals and they learn in their own unique way.  When children begin at our school, they each have different starting points and they leave us with different endpoints. Our philosophy is that it is every child’s right to make continual progress and to reach their potential whilst at our school; we strive to provide this through personalised learning.


It is also our expectation that every child will develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to enable them to grow into confident, resilient, well-rounded individuals, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their community as adults.


Within our philosophy is the belief that it is every child’s right to work in a safe and friendly environment, where everyone is respected and considered equal; it is in this positive atmosphere that successful learning can thrive.

We have a broad-based curriculum and strongly believe that mastering the core skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and numeracy, is fundamental to successful learning, promoting confidence in the children, enabling them to become independent learners and to effectively share their learning with others.

Every child is monitored through regular assessment, helping us decide which steps to take to move their learning forwards. Time is allocated daily for each child to review an aspect of their learning and to discuss their progress.  We believe that this encourages children to be responsible for their learning, instilling the desire to continually improve, which is core to successful lifelong learning.