SATs revision

Hello Year 6!


With SATs on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to share a set of useful resources with you for those who wish to do a bit of extra practice between now and the 9th May.  Our goal is to make sure you are confident in yourself when you sit down to take the tests, and, in the weeks leading up to it, you are relaxed - some of you may feel that a bit of extra practice will help you to do so.


All of the resources can be accessed using this link:

For more information about each different resource, and a link to where you can find them, look at the details below.



Booklet for all topics

This is an excellent booklet filled with questions relating to many of the key topics we have covered this year. You could choose a section at a time for you to complete, or select specific topic areas that you'd like to practice. 


Morning Maths

You've done a few of these in class already, and they are a great way to practice a wide range of topics in a small space of time. Use these as a way to work out particular topics that you may need a bit more practice on.


Maths Knowledge Organisers

These knowledge organisers are split into topics and cover all the key concepts related to each one. I think they are fantastic for spending 10 minutes looking over as a recap.


Arithmetic Ninja worksheets

We've used these in class to practice key arithmetic concepts. There is a YouTube video for each to explain the concept, and the answers are on the next page.


10 days of Easter

The idea behind this booklet is you do one 'day' a day Monday to Friday for two weeks. Enjoy!



We all know about this one! Remember to access the lesson content before attempting the questions ;)



Comprehension activities

Within this folder you will find 3 sets of comprehension activities, with each set having another 3 within. You might choose to do one a day, or select a specific type of text i.e. fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, and study those instead. 


Practising 3 mark questions

We've talked about this in class as we know there are specific ways to approach this question in order to get all 3 marks. This folder has four texts inside, with only one question for each and that is a 3 mark question! The mark scheme is also next to the question so that you can see the sorts of things you should be including in your answer. 


Reading Skill Practice Booklets

These are a great way to revise those core skills, with each booklet recapping what the skill requires and the sorts of questions you will be asked. It then provides you with activities to practice!



 All-in-1 PowerPoint

This is one of my favourite PowerPoints of all time :) If you put it into Presentation/Slideshow mode, you can then select a topic from the home screen and find out more. If you click the word 'Before', you can also see a couple of test questions related to the topic so that you can see what they look like. 


SPAG Test Papers

The clue is in the name on this one. There are six practice test papers for you to attempt if you wish. The answers are on the last page so you can use these to check your answers when you are finished.


SPAG Test Questions by Subject

These are similar to the test questions above, only these are split into each subject area so you can just practice one particular type. You could use the All-in-1 PowerPoint to revise a topic, and then do the questions in here related to the topic. 


SPAG Working Memory Grids

Another excellent resource! There are 7 working memory grids that test your memory on a range of SPAG-based topics.  



 Please refer to these two lists when revising your spellings. You can select the words you think you need to practice :)

Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings 

Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings


If you have any questions, let me know! 

Mr. Hughes

SPAG Glossary 2023