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Welcome to Year 1 

 Hello Year One, we hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready for the Summer term. We will now be communicating through Goggle Classroom, please log in to access the set activities and regular updates. Keep safe and well. 


The Rainbow Feeling Pack may be useful for some children. You can dip into it whenever you see fit. The booklet focuses on children's thoughts and feelings through various activities. It also briefly explains what the Coronavirus is in a child friendly manner. 



Daily reading is a must, we want to keep up the love of reading! Please continue to read, and discuss, your reading books along with additional books from home. Read a range of texts such as non-fiction, comics, recipes etc to your child . As usual please continue to record any books you have enjoyed in the reading record.

Log into Scholastic reading Pro to access a great range of books.


Check out the website Teach your monster to read which uses games to help with reading 



We will be revisiting prefixes and suffixes, which we will update on Google Classroom along will additional topic related writing.



Log in to MyMaths for tasks and homework. 

The websiteTopmarks has some great games on such as hit the button


Each week we will post a new spelling sheet which you can use to practise writing on each day.

Once you are confident with the spellings you could think of sentences for each word and write it down. The more creative the better!



Stay active with Jo Wicks' PE lessons on YouTube. He will be running a daily PE lesson for primary school children at 9am every day. GoNoodle is another website which can be accessed for movement and mindfulness videos. The children are familiar with this website as we use it occasionally in class.


Have a look on the website Scratch, a fantastic site which enables you to create stories, animations and games, we were due to start this after Easter. Click on to the idea's tab at the top, there are different tutorials and activity guides to help you get started.   


Finally one for the Lego fans.. see the document below which has a Lego daily challenge. 



Mrs L Haynes/Mrs K Howard

Class 1 Teachers


Maths lessons and activities for week beginning 30.3.2020

Using; mymaths



Look at lessons 2 and 3 as revision for counting in 2’s.

There are 8 parts to each lesson and this will help you to count groups of objects and arrays, just as we have been doing in class.


Lesson/Topic; Year1 multiplication. 


Counting in arrays of 2 and grouping objects will help you to solve the multiplication problems.


Have fun with your learning!


Warwick Castle 


Week; 30.3.2020    



Warwick Castle

As we missed our year 1 visit to Warwick castle this    

week, we thought you might like to do your own research, finding out about life in a castle from long ago.

You could;

·       Draw and label the main features of a castle.

·       Paint a picture or make a model of Warwick Castle.

Use this website for your research www.warwick-castle.com

·       Write a story, taking yourself as a time traveller into the past, where you might have lived in the castle. Imagine what it would have been like inside the castle walls. Would you have been a Lord or Lady, a servant or guard?


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Mother's Day:

We have painted portraits of our Mum's. We have learnt a poem and song to tell our Mummy's how special they are. 

Easter Egg Hunt