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Remember to reinforce your learning with our weekly MyMaths homework, spellings (both due on a Friday), and reading regularly at home. If you want to show off more of your learning at home, here are some useful websites with games:



What a brilliant first week back after returning from online learning. Year Three settled in incredibly well and we had lots of fun. In Topic we learnt about the famous Tutankhamun and even had a go at making his death mask. See our photo below!

We had great fun learning about King Tut!
We had great fun learning about King Tut!

Here are our spellings for the WC 15.3.21

We had great fun learning about the Bronze and Iron Age this half term. This involved learning about the Beaker culture /people. We had a go at creating our own clay beakers - we had lots of fun! 

We have had great fun in Topic this week, learning about Stone Age cave paintings. We discovered how hand prints were made using animal blood and squirted onto the cave walls using a hollowed out bone, like a straw. We used paint and flicked it around our partner's hand to create a blow-paint style piece of art. See photos below - it was a rather messy lesson!

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had in Year 3! 

This week we had a very exciting lesson outside in the orchard. We were learning about the importance of fire during the Stone Age. During the lesson, one of the Year 3 pupils, dressed as a prehistoric animal, was 'hunted' by the Stone Age Year 3s whilst Miss Biswell built up the fire. We then made 'campfire bread' and cooked it over the fire and had marshmallows as a treat. Although these foods aren't from the Stone Age, the children were able to appreciate the importance of fire and how difficult it would have been to get a good meal as a Stone Age person.

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