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Dear parents/carers of year 3,

 this week we have got some number and place value work to do on my maths. In English, you have got an optional task of writing a newspaper report about an idea of your own about the country you have been writing about. Instead of D&T this week, I have given you an optional art task. All the details are attached on google classroom and below. Best of luck and keep up the great work :-)
All the best.

Mr Woods

 Reading Together!

The Dream Snatcher by Abi Elphinstone 

Reading together!

Chapter 2 Into the Deepwood

Chapter 3 Dark Rituals and Chapter 4 Flight 

Chapter 5 Questions 

Chapter 6 Keeping Secrets 

Chapter 7 Around the Campfire 

Chapter 8 Forgotten Roles 

Chapter 9 Answers in the Tree Fort

Chapter 10 Jumping the Broomstick 

Chapter 11 Unwanted Visitors 

Chapter 12 A Face in the Darkness 

English Writing Task


Year 3 Home learning Pack

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To ensure the coverage of the curriculum in maths is being taught at home, please visit www.mymaths.co.uk   to complete the tasks set by Mr Woods. 

Scholastic Reading Pro

To ensure that children are reading, comprehending what they have read and using the reading skills taught to them in year 3, we are using scholastic reading pro. Please visit https://educator-slz03.scholasticlearningzone.com/slz-portal/#/login3/GBR4R84 to find your reading level and choosing from a wide range of fantastic books. 

Topic Project 


Have a look at French games.net for fun activities to practice your French!