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Year 4

Hi everyone!  I hope that you are all ok, and keeping each other happy and safe at home.  Isn't it wonderful that we are now able to go out of our homes a little now, providing we are keeping to the 2 metre rule.  Also, looking forward to the fact that we can meet up with 6 other people!  Woo hoo!!  So I hope that means you may be able to organise to see some of your friends!

As you know, some classes will be returning on Tuesday 2 June.  All of the teachers will be returning to school full time from this date,and working with the three different classes and key worker children.  However, as year 4 will not be returning yet, I will be putting on Mymaths and Scholastic work for you to do each week.  I also hope to continue to put on some extra work that is optional (just as I have already been doing) on the Google Classroom.  As I will be in school full time, I may not be able to reply as quickly to your emails, but I will do my best!

I really hope that you are all ok, and that you stay happy and enjoy the wonderful sunshine!  I hope that I will get to see you all again very soon, but in the meantime, please stay safe!

Love to you all!!

Mrs Mason

June 2020

 Hello everyone!  So here we are on week 2 of our unusual situation!  Hope you are all having fun at home!!  Now, having spoken via email to some parents, there seems to be an issue with accessing some of the work that I was referring to on Twinkl.  Therefore, what I intend to do from now on is actually attach it to this page at the bottom for you to  print off at home.    So, with this in mind, I have included some RE work to do from last week in addition to the normal daily work. 

So work for today!!

1- imagine that you have completed a journey of pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  You need to research what this would involve, where you would go, what sites you would visit etc.  Then write a letter to your parents explaining what you did and what happened whilst you were there.  Use the Jewish pilgrimage word mat below to help you with key words to include.

Then research the importance of Jerusalem to three world religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  This is linked to work we did earlier in the year.

Finally, research and locate key places of pilgrimage for Jewish people on the Jewish pilgrimage site map.

 2 - Maths this week would have been using mental methods for addition and subtraction, writing 2 step problems in contexts deciding which operations and methods to use and why, and adding numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written method columnar addition, plus estimating by rounding and using the inverse operations to check answers to a calculation.  That is the formal way of saying it!!  I am going to put work up onto the Mymaths section for you to access, as has been explained by the letter sent to you from Mr Vernon.  Until you receive that letter, take a look on children's maths websites looking at work related to the topics I have listed.

3 - Carry on with your reading - I am now up to page 68 of my book!  I am really enjoying having the opportunity to read again, and I really hope that you are too!  Make sure that once you have finished your book, contact me and then I can set the 10 questions for your house points!  When I have finished my book, you can write some questions for me!!!!!!

4 - For English, I would recommend looking at the spelling list and start to learn this week's spellings.  If your child is using a different spelling list, please contact me and I can email it to you direct.

So I think that will keep you busy!!

Speak to you again tomorrow!  Take care everyone!!!!!

lots of love

Mrs Mason


 If you would like to access Twinkl you have to create a free account and then enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

This gives you one free month of access to the resources etc on Twinkl.  I hope this helps.


INFORMATION ABOUT CONTACTING MRS MASON - if you would like to ask me anything about year 4, the curriculum or work being set please contact me on the following email directly -      parentsquestions@quainton.bucks.sch.uk   

Also, if the children would like to send me an email  they are very welcome to do so!

I will endeavour to get back to you within a day of posting your email.

Thankyou, and if there is anything else that you would like me to post, please let me know.

kind regards

Mrs Mason


 EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT CAN BE FOUND AT https://stories.audible.com/start-listen 

I have recently been told that the site has just put on some more books, so well worth visiting the site!!


Hello again everyone!  So here we are again!  I am going to put on here the subjects that we would have been doing if we had all been together.  Maths is covered, as you are probably using mymaths, ttrockstars and numbots to complete the topics that we would have been doing.  Please let me know if you can not access the mymaths activities that I have set.  Carry on reading......I have now had several children contact me via email to let me know that they have finished their books.  I have then sent them 10 questions for them to answer, so that they can still receive their 10 housepoints and move up the body of the bookworm - getting ever closer to the surprise box!!!

RE - please complete the reading comprehension to do with Christian pilgrimages, at the bottom of the page.

Geography - I would like you to start some research on rivers, which is part of our topic.  Make a written list of the features of a river, and write down their definitions.  Finally complete the diagram of the features of a river, attached below.

Have fun!  Speak to you all again soon!!  I'm now going back to my book!!!

lots of love 

Mrs Mason


Hello everyone!  How are we all today? So I have been busy setting up various learning platforms for you all to access, but you will be informed of these soon via email.  In the meantime, I have come up with some fun activities related to your curriculum for you to complete in your own time.

1 - science - to finish the topic of States of Matter, there is one more experiment to complete.  You are going to investigate how water evaporates.  You will need to investigate evaporation of water first by looking on the web.  I did try to upload a powerpoint from Twinkl but it didn't allow me!  It might be worth having a look on Twinkl first under year 4 science states of matter evaporation investigation.  Then please complete the work sheet which will explain how to set up, record and investigate evaporation with tea towels!  Have fun!

2 - computing - Now I would like you to do an activity that teaches you how to create a safe online profile.  Think about the kinds of information that you can share online.  What kinds of websites or apps have you had to register or make an account for?  Do you know why account information is needed?

Think about safe and unsafe information to share online, and on a public profile.  Discuss why it might be dangerous for children to reveal their personal details - including their real name, contact details and where they go to school - including photos of them in their school uniform.  Can you  explain why certain pieces of information are dangerous to show strangers?  

After doing the above, you will be ready to complete the activity sheet, below.  Once you have filled it in, discuss the information you have put on the form and use highlighters to highlight and label the parts of the registration information that should stay private.  Which information should you not share online?

3 -English .  I hope that you have managed to watch the end of the Iron Man as now I would like you to do some work related to it.  I would like you to do a comparison between the film version and the book that we read together in class.  Which did you prefer and why?  Complete the sheet which is attached below. Then....say goodbye to the Iron Man as we then make our way to The Wind in the Willows!  Remember, if you do not have a copy of the book you can hear it acted out by using the website I mentioned above.  Happy reading!!


Well that is all I am going to put on here for now.  Have a wonderful Easter holiday and I will be back in two weeks.....stay safe, happy and healthy!! 

lots of love 

Mrs Mason xx


Year 4 Topic Home Learning: The Amazon Rainforest 

Next term we will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest!  In preparation, your task is to research anything you wish about it! You could research the type of animals that live there, the problems with deforestation, the impact of that on the animals, insects, plant life, the indigenous people that live there or what is available to eat for the animals and plants in the Amazon Rainforest.

You will be asked to present your research project in any way you choose!  For the arty amongst you, it could be a painting, the literacy fans may write a travel brochure for an adventurer, the architects a model of a tree house or for the computer nuts a power point or animation!  The choice is yours. 

You will be expected to show your project in class on the first day back at school!  The best work will be displayed in reception or the school hall.


Year 4's DT project

Making their very own Iron Man

Pictures to follow shortly





Have a look at French games.net for fun activities to practise your French!


Year 4 Home learning Pack

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