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Paccar Residential updates!

Update 7: Another great night sleep here at Paccar! The children are up and ready for another half day of activities. 

Pedal carts and high ropes await us today.

See you at 3pm at school!

Update 6: Songs and marshmallows around the campfire after a very, very busy day! Hopefully it equates to 25 children sound asleep for the next 10 hours! 

Your children have been fantastic over the last few days. 

Goodnight from Paccar!

Update 5: Such bravery shown by the children and the staff today during the crate stacking and gladiator challenges! 

There's the zipwire and archery this afternoon which the children are very much looking forward to. 

Everyone is having a great time!

A few photos are below. 

Mr. Vernon

Update 4: Good morning from Paccar.

Well, as residentials go, that was a great night's sleep!

Children are all up and playing on the lovely field outside the accommodation block. 

Next up is sausages, hash browns and baked beans for breakfast at 8, before the obligatory room inspections!

Then a full day of activities!

Update 3: A lovely first day at Paccar has been had by all. They are all safely tucked into bed - not a noise, as quiet as mice! 

We have an exciting day of activities tomorrow that the children are very much looking forward to. 

Mr. Vernon

Update 2: Busy first day in glorious sunshine! The children have participated in team building activities, blindfolded assault courses, and are now preparing themselves for supper! All are happy and smiling, and it has been a fantastic day all round. 

Update 1: We have arrived safely at Paccar! The children are 'unpacking' and settling in before lunch and activities start.
Mr Vernon 

Meet the teacher morning!

Although Meet the Teacher morning was slightly different for us in Year 5 this year, we still took the opportunity to enjoy some team building activities in preparation for September. The children have impressed me from the moment I started working with them four weeks ago, and they impressed once more yesterday. 


I thought I'd share a few photos of our Spaghetti Tower challenge, and I think the teamwork speaks for itself in these pictures alone!


I'd like to say a massive well done to the children and a huge thank you to the parents for your support. I'm excited for the year ahead and these last four weeks have been an excellent way for us to get a head start! 

PACCAR Year 5 Residential 14th July to 16th July - Updates

Wednesday 14th July - We have arrived safely at Paccar. Children are 'unpacking' and settling in before lunch and activities start. 

Thursday 15th July - 

Friday 16th July - 


Year 5

Dear Parents and carers,

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break, despite the restrictions, I hope you were able to spend some quality time as a family. 

For those who are not going to be in school over the next couple weeks, here are the things we will be covering.

Maths  - we will be looking at both long and short division. Using times tables and written methods to help us get to the answers. We will also be doing lots of problem solving and reasoning within division. If you would like some assistance in this area you can visit one of the following websites: www.nrich.maths.org or www.mathsbot.com in addition to these websites, you can also go onto your mymaths, where there are several tutorials and avenues to help with division.

English  - In English we will be looking at a character profile over the next 2 weeks. We will delving deeper into how to create a character for a story. Below I have attached a quick power point to what needs to be included within character profile. The character profile will be based on  Ancient Greek myths. Therefore, you might have to do some research on some of the the Greek mythology characters. 

Reading  - we will be reading and basing all of our work around the Greek Myth Theseus and the Minotaur.

Topic - Ancient Greeks - we will be looking at where Greece is and locating this on a map. We will also be looking at the Gods and Goddesses from Ancient Greek times.  

Science - we will be working on properties and changing materials. There are lots of resources if you google this subject and put KS2 at the end of your search. 

I hope this helps and all the best!

Best regards. 

Mr Woods

Character Profile power point 

Reading list 


Below is a useful website with some information about the reading skills covered in Year 5, followed by some optional activities you may want to have a go at. 


 Reading skills.pdfDownload
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