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New reading scheme launched!

We launched our new reading scheme this week and many of the children returned home with a new reading book! It is imperative that they read 3 times a week and enter this into their reading logs. 

Spelling overview for your final half term at Quainton School!

Below are your spellings for your final half term at Quainton School! Remember to practice them in preparation for our Spelling test each week. 

Term 2A Spelling Overview

Good afternoon Year 6 parents!

I hope you are all well. The children have made an incredible start to this half term and they should be commended for all they have achieved.

We have been studying fractions and the quality of conversation and application of knowledge has been excellent - particularly considering this is usually an area that can cause confusion. We've discussed more and more about what 'maths' is actually occurring when we complete a calculation, rather than getting the right answer! The children have adapted extremely well to this style of learning and I am very pleased. 


The progress in the children's writing has also been fantastic. Some of the decisions being made regarding sentence structure and vocabulary are wise beyond their years, and I am excited to see how just how far we can take their writing in the weeks and months that follow. 


Attached to this post are the spellings for this term. The children have already had printouts of them but there is a digital copy here for them too. 


Can I please ask that if you haven't already done so, could you take a few minutes to respond to our Parent Survey below. We are keen to receive feedback on how your child has settled in to the new academic year and how you feel we have dealt with covid-19. 

Stay safe. 
Mr. Hughes

Online Learning in Year 6 

Good afternoon Year 6 parents, 
As you are aware, Year 6 students will be commencing online learning this coming week. All communication, lesson resources and important information will be shared using Google Classroom. Your child should know their login details for Google Classroom and will all be familiar with its use as we have used it a lot in school already. 
I have shared a timetable and the online learning expectations with the class on Google Classroom. Please ensure your child has read them so that we can make this week as successful as it can be. 
To be expected when using technology, there will be some teething problems, a few curveballs and most definitely moments of frustration for both children and adults! I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I will be available throughout the day to offer support and guidance to the children, and to sort any issues that they may encounter. I will also be constantly evaluating to ensure that we develop ways of working that best suit the children. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any support or have any suggestions on how to improve the online learning provision. Most importantly, please encourage the children to get in contact with me if they are unsure or need further support. This week will offer an excellent opportunity for the children to develop their independence and to reap the rewards of all that critical thinking that we have been doing!
Thank you. 
Mr. Hughes

Spellings for Autumn Term 1


Please find attached a copy of the spellings for this half term. The children have also been given a paper version to take home. 


Dear Year 6 parents, 

It has been another successful week in Year 6! We've been busy with Head Boy and Head Girl voting, Newspaper report writing about the Christmas Truce of WW1 and even creating our own propaganda art to display in the classroom. The quality of the work produced so far has been fantastic and we will be sharing some of it with you on here in the coming weeks. 

On the subject of Head Boy and Girl nominations, it is with great pride that we announce that Jack Hancocks and Freya Bond have been voted as our first ever Head Boy and Girl for Quainton School. We received votes from every year group! The other nominees did an exemplary job of sharing their speeches with the classes during our virtual assembly, and it is a shame that they couldn't all be voted in! 

I hope you are all well. Keep an eye out here for updates in the next few weeks when we will showcase the work the children are completing. 

Kind regards

Mr. Hughes

First week back!


Dear Year 6 parents,


I hope you are all well. It has been excellent to get to know the children over the past week after what feels like such a long time since any of us have been in the classroom!


The class have started well and are approaching school life with maturity and a keenness to succeed. Last week we spent time developing our critical thinking skills through a variety of different activities and we successfully wrote a letter of complaint to the government. This happened to be a fictional government and was inspired by a video game where you take control of a goose who causes havoc in the local community. We had everything from complaints by the gardener to the local authorities about the wildlife to the local wildlife complaining about the gardener! We even had some of the gardener’s tools writing complaint letters! The creativity, focus and intelligent thought was brilliant, and I am excited when I think of what we will achieve this year.


This week we have started our new topic, World at War. We will begin by learning more about World War 1, however our BIG question that all of our learning will focus on is “How has the past influenced the future?” Again, we have made a very positive start to this and we will share some of the work with you soon!


In other news, our assembly this week offered an opportunity for the candidates for Head Boy and Girl to share 30 second speeches to convince others that they are the best candidates for the role. We hope to announce the results at the end of this week once all the votes have been counted.


I am looking forward to a successful year working alongside the children and yourselves. I will keep you updated through this class page with all that we are achieving in our final year at Quainton Primary!


Mr. Hughes

Year 6

Meet your new Year 6 teacher Mr Hughes!

Year 6 Home Learning pack

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