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Caldecotte updates.

11:30 Monday 17th The children have all arrived safely and been assigned their rooms for the week.  An extra climbing activity has been squeezed into the day.  Here at school it's blissfully quiet without Year 6 - though we do miss them!


 7:30 pm 

Dear Year 6 parents! 
What a fantastic first day we have had. The kids have had a brilliant time, from an unscheduled climbing session to zorbing and raft building, an excellent time has been had all round. 
After a lovely meal and an attempt at washing up - keyword being attempt - we are now sat around a fire roasting marshmallows. I'd love to say that's the only sugar they've had today, but somehow the children have bought a load of sweets with them. Thanks for those! 
I'll share some photos on the website tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the peace and quiet! 
Mr. Hughes
9:30 am Tuesday 18th
Good morning Year 6 parents ,
The children are fairly well rested and raring to go. They enjoyed their first night away and, by the time breakfast was served, they were bright eyed and bushy tailed!
We have a very busy day today full of activities, all of which should offer an opportunity to conquer fears and cheer the classmates on! 
There's a BBQ awaiting the children after all their efforts today, although I think Mrs. Tobin may be more excited for it than the children.
7:30 pm Tuesday 18th
Another fantastic day here at Caldecotte!  We have a strong suspicion the children are going to sleep very well tonight.  Here are a few pictures:
11:30 am Wednesday 19th
Dear Year 6 parents, 
Yesterday was a fantastic day for everyone. The activities were a huge hit, with children conquering fears and pushing themselves further than they thought was possible. 
The morning has started very well. We've had paddle boarding and archery, and the children have been showing off their skills! 
We've got an afternoon packed with activities and then a lovely meal will be followed by hot chocolate around the camp fire. 
Enjoy your final night of freedom! 
Mr. Hughes
07:30 pm Wednesday 19th
Have vsited the children this evening and they were in good spirits. Had the pleasure of judging the tidiest bedroom competition, which was won by a room of boys - virtually unheard off!!!! After supper we had a game of football and as I was leaving the campfire was being lit. 
Don't forget, poick-up tomorrow at 2pm.
Have a lovely evening all. 
Mr Vernon


Pick up from the George Amey Centre at 2pm on Thursday 20th May.


Please find listed all relevant information regarding the Year 6 to Caldecotte.

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