Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter resources

The attached resources show the assembly powerpoint we will be introducing next week looking at racism and what this is.

Black lives matter movement

Next week, we will be educating our children on the Black Lives Matter movement. We are aware this is a highly emotive topic so we are sharing in advance the resources we will be using so that you can discuss these with your children.

At Quainton School, we firmly believe that everyone should be and will be treated equally. Racism, or discrimination of any kind, will not be tolerated by any member of our school community. All religions, races, creeds and classes of people form our school community and our diversity is celebrated as a strength.

In school, we often find children have lots of questions and sometimes worries about things appearing in the news so we would welcome your support with discussing the current Black Lives Matter protests and its coverage in the media.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.