Our eco-mission has begun! 


Welcome to our eco-page!

This group has been formed by Miss Clare to make sure that Quainton School are being as eco-friendly as possible.
We will achieve this by monitoring our recycling bins, electrical use, litter picking and more!

Our eco-warriors will also be engaging in other tasks such creating posters and presentations to remind everybody else in our lovely school to be more conscious of their eco-actions.

The eco-warriors have had a special visit from HS2 to discuss sustainibility throughout the school. 

We came up with some amazing ideas that we can begin to implement and things for the future as well. 
They gave us all some litter-picking resources to make it easier for us and each eco-warrior got their own bag of goodies!
We are going to have more visits throughout the year to start getting our sustainibility plans in action and everyone is really looking forward to improving the school's 'green' ethos.


 The eco-monitors were asked to create a poster reminding the rest of the class to recycle.

Here is what they created!

Year 3

Year 6