PE and Sport Premium


 In March 2013, the government decided to introduce the PE and Sport Premium for primary schools, the aim being to enable schools to make additional and sustainable improvements to the teaching of PE and sport activities.

 At Quainton Church of England Primary School we recognise the importance of PE and sport within education. We believe in a holistic approach to the development of sport and physical activity; we aim to create an atmosphere which encourages all children to develop an active life-style and to enjoy sport.

We also support collaboration and partnership with external sports providers and local schools to enhance our PE and sports provision and to increase competitive participation and achievement amongst our pupils. We enter teams into competitions and events with local schools.

We review the impact of the PE and Sport Premium funding as part of our normal self-evaluation. We also evaluate the impact of professional development opportunities on improving teaching and learning in PE.


 The PE and Sport Premium funding is based on the number of pupils in Years 1-6. The government determines how many pupils in our school attract the funding by using data from the school census. We currently receive £17,361 per year.


We allocate our spending of the PE and Sport Premium based on the following government aims:

  • Development of and improvements to the school’s existing PE and sport activities.
  • Strengthening of the capacity and capability within the school to ensure that current improvements will also benefit future pupils.


Online Reporting

 The government requires schools to annually publish details of how they spend their PE and Sport Premium funding. They must include:

  • Amount of premium received.
  • Full breakdown of how it has been or will be spent.
  • Impact seen on the pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment levels.
  • Strategies to sustain future improvements.

Children in Year 4 will attend a 10-week programme of swimming lessons at Stoke Mandeville School. The government requests that schools annually publish how many pupils within their Year 6 cohort meet the three basic national curriculum swimming requirements. At our school:



Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke] when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?



For further information on PE and Sport Premium, please see the government website:









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