Maths at Quainton

Statement of Intent, Impact and Implementation

Overview of maths from EYFS to Year 6

Maths Progression Grid EYFS to Year 6

Maths Action Plan 22/23

“It is clear that the chief end of mathematical study must be to make the students think.” – John Wesley Young

Maths at home

We wanted to share a couple of maths resources with you that you can access at home. As a school, we follow the
White Rose Maths scheme, and it has worked wonders for the children at Quainton. There are a range of free
resources available through White Rose that you can make use of at home to support your children.

1-minute maths app
Designed for use both in class and at home, the 1-minute maths app helps children build greater number confidence
and fluency. It’s all about targeted practice in engaging, one-minute chunks!
This app can be downloaded from the App Store, on Google Play, or on Amazon Kindle.

Free workbooks
Here's another great way for your primary-aged child to enjoy maths at home. White Rose’s FREE workbooks for
Years 1 - 6 give children and parents an extra tool for enjoying maths together.

Maths with Michael
White Rose understands that many parents feel like maths has changed and that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up
to date with modern teaching methods. With over 80% of primary schools and a growing number of secondary
schools using our free schemes of learning, supporting resources and assessments, White Rose have devised schemes
that can help you bridge the gap between school and home.

Times Table Practise    Click on this link for Times Tables Rockstars

There is no expectation from us as a school for children to complete work at home, however we are aware that
some parents to like to keep up to date with the latest learning at school and are keen to support. These resources
should offer an excellent opportunity to do just that.