After School Care (Exposure)

Exposure Sport After School Club SPRING TERM 2023



Exposure Sport is happy to announce it will be providing ASC care from September 2022.

Exposure Sport are now taking bookings for Autumn Term 1 (September and October). 

In order to make the booking process more efficient, Exposure Sport has an online system to manage bookings, children’s information and payments.

All existing and new attendees are required to register with the new service which can be accessed by visiting:


From this point onwards, this is the only way you can book your child a place at the club. The first time you make a booking, you will be asked to add your details and your child's personal, medical and emergency contact information.  From then on, the information will be saved making way for far easier booking in the future. 

Once you have registered your child, you can then select 'My Bookings' to make your booking. 


Exposure Sport does accept childcare vouchers and tax free childcare payments; these options are available during the booking process. Please use 2667752 - HP18OlQ Waddesdon as your Tax Credit reference.

BACS payments will no longer be accepted. 

Bookings for Autumn Term 1, must be paid by September 5th 2022.

Information regarding the club is as follows:

Over the week, children will be able to take part in many different activities and these include a range of sporting activities as well as arts and crafts, reading homework and socialising with friends.

  • The club will run from Monday 5th September to Friday October 21st.

  • Places will be limited and allocated on a first come basis. Should the club reach capacity and therefore not be able to accommodate your child, they will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available, you will be contacted. 

  • The cost for the club will be £15 per session per child for the full 2 hours 50 mins (with a 6pm pick up) or £5 per session per child for the first hour (with a 4.10pm pick up) and £10 pounds for a 5.10pm pick up.

  • A 10% sibling discount is offered based on two children per day from the total cost.

  • In order to cover staffing costs, if your child is collected 15 minutes after your preferred collection time, a late fee of £5 will be applied.  

  • A small fruit snack and juice drink will be provided. Your child is permitted to bring their own snack to the club - any snack provided must comply with the school’s no nut policy.  

  • Children will be provided with an Exposure Sport t-shirt to make them easily identifiable in school. Please ensure your child brings their t-shirt to school on club days. Trainers and shorts/tracksuit bottoms can also be brought to school on club days.  

Thank you for your support of the club. 

Kind Regards,

Sean McGeeney
Exposure Sport Ltd.