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Curriculum Overviews

 593efa41273dc66d10daf644_Long Term Plan - Sep 2012.docxDownload
 593efa83273dc66d10daf651_Long Term Plan for outside area - Sep 2012.docxDownload
 5b28da086d77a7ded6d607b6_Curric map Class R Au 1.docxDownload
 5b28da086d77a7ffedd607b5_Curric map Class R Au 2.docxDownload
 5b28da0a8895e04017a5961e_Curric map Class R Spr 2.docxDownload
 5b28da0a8f4675f9a73b4954_Curric map Class R Spr 1.docxDownload
 5b28da0b0677520114f97d0d_Curric map Class R Sum 2.docxDownload
 5b28da0b8f4675ecf93b4955_Curric map Class R Sum 1.docxDownload
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The Reception class caters well for the needs of children. They flourish in its exciting environment and the stimulating activities available really help them develop their imagination and curiosity.’
OFSTED June 2013