Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The teaching and learning for the EYFS is organised into areas of development:

  • Communication and language (speaking, listening and self-expression)
  • Physical development (co-ordination, control, movement and an understanding of the importance of healthy food choices and an active life-style)
  • Personal, social and emotional development (self-confidence, self-awareness, managing feelings, understanding appropriate behaviour and making positive relationships with others)
  • Literacy (reading, writing and linking sounds and letters)
  • Mathematics (numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, spaces and measure)
  • Understanding the world (people, communities, places, technology and the environment)
  • Expressive arts and design (exploring and playing with a range of media and materials and providing pupils with opportunities to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings)

We use the non -statutory guidance 'Development Matters'.

Development Matters is for all early years practitioners, for childminders and staff in nurseries, nursery schools, and nursery and reception classes in school. It offers a top-level view of how children develop and learn. It can help you to design an effective early years curriculum, building on the strengths and meeting the needs of the children you work with. 

Development Matters

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